"Japan Day" in Central Park

Japanese community in New York held the first event "Japan Day" on June 3. So many people visited this event and they enjoyed Japanese culture.
Then, a special guest showed up. It was 2007's Ms. Universe, Ms. Riyo Mori. She won the contest just 6 days ago in Mexico City and got the first Japanese Ms. Universe in 48 years. She is from my hometown, Shizuoka, Japan!! I'm so proud of her! Her beauty fascinated all people in the event.
Riyo Mori's Blog

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Is that a picture you took? If so, perhaps let us know what your Flickr account page is. I'd like to see more images, even if they don't show up in your blog!

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It's not a Flickr image. My Flickr pictures are viewable at http://flickr.com/photos/h3athrow/ . There's a way to share photos and blog just one; ask me!