Fly with fire...?

Last night about 9:30 p.m., beside 5th Avenue in Manhattan, it happened. I couldn't believe my eyes!How exciting!!

What I found on the street was a small insect with light on its back. I didn't know the word and found it in my dictionary:FIREFLY. "Is it a fly with fire? Scary!" said my Korean friend with me. "No! It's not a fly!"

June is the season of firefly watching in Japan. Japanese people have particular longing for this insect because its short-lived fragility and faint lighting match Japanese nostalgic culture. Firefly watching,"Hotaru-gari",is very tastful annual event in Japan. Lately, I've missed my home and desired to see it. Then, it showed up for me!!

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As I mentioned in class tonight, I love fireflies. And I'm thrilled that they're visible in Manhattan as well as in the outer boroughs.

You might be interested in this demonstration of how fireflies make their light.